Self Driven Data Science – Issue #5

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Data Everywhere, Statisticians Anywhere | FlowingData

Transcript of commencement speech for UCLA statistics graduates given by Nathan Yau, the founder of Flowing Data (awesome site, check it out). Some great advice for young data scientists to remember.



How to build a data science pipeline — Towards Data Science — Medium

Informative post on the entire data science pipeline. Makes it much easier to understand than most walkthroughs and even has videos that help you visualize the right and wrong way to go about it.


Learning How to Build a Web Application — Robert Chang — Medium

Many data scientists focus solely on the analysis and modeling portion of the field but they forget about deployment. In order to share your insights, visualization and application development are necessary skills. Here’s a great tutorial for getting started.


Answer to As a data scientist, what tips would you have for a younger version of yourself? — Quora

Excellent answer on Quora by Lili Jiang, a data scientist there. Lili discredits a lot of common misconceptions about real world data science application.


A Definitive Guide to the World Within Data Science

In-depth dive into the field of data science and all that it encompasses. Great for those that are getting started and want some perspective on all of the sub-fields within.


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