Boys & Girls Club UI/UX Mobile Design



This project was completed during my internship for an innovation hackathon centered around the local Boys and Girls Club in St. Louis, MO. We were split into competing teams and then further partitioned into design and business focused groups within each team. This allowed for a healthy mix of specialization and generalization throughout the project.


Challenge Structure

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to participate in several innovation hackathons this summer. For this particular hackathon, teams were tasked with putting together a business plan and prototype over the course of the work day.

Before designing the product you see above, my team was given the opportunity to spend a day volunteering and therefore getting some firsthand experience with the people that really matter to the design – the users. This was helpful in several ways but most of all allowed us to connect with our users and get a better sense of what they would want in a mobile app experience.


The Work

There are a few interesting lessons that I learned while working on this project. First, I found that designing in larger groups can be challenging. The increase in resources may help push out content faster, but it is much harder to get everyone on the same page and give the user interface a unified look and feel. My team addressed this pain point by making sure we had one person designated to collect finalized resources and act as a filter before piecing together the final product.

Furthermore, I learned the value of user research during this project. By first communicating with members and leaders at the local Boys and Girls Club, we came in with a sense of the experience that needed to be mapped out. Personally, I took this into account when deciding which features to emphasize and which actions to prioritize in the final product.



All things considered, I would like to call this project a success. I was able to effectively collaborate with a team of designers in order to complete a functional prototype over the course of one given work day. I gained experience with utilizing user research and developing empathy in the design process. Lastly, I had a lot of fun creating something new and interesting to me.



  • Tools: Sketch, inVision
  • Techniques: Rapid Prototyping, User Research, UI/UX Design
  • Date Completed: July 2017